At My Ride we don't just sell bikes. We sell freedom.

We want kids to grin from ear to ear as they unwrap their first two-wheeler. We help create that special moment between parent and child when balance is finally mastered (albeit with some scraped knees along the way).

We’re all about inspiring riders as they prepare their equipment and their bodies, for the next leg-burning adventure.

We're there to fuel the relentless pursuit of dreams and excellence that creates every lasting memories. We want to change lives for the better, ours and yours, whether you’re a beginner or a professional athlete.

So join in the conversation with us at My Ride and help us spread the love for all things cycling.

My Ride is the largest national network of independently owned, specialist cycling stores that provide every rider with the best brands, best service and best advice anywhere. We have 5 leading bike brands with over 290 models of Mountain, Road, Urban & Trekking, Electric, Womens and Kids bikes to choose from. We’ll make every ride more enjoyable with our extensive range of quality accessories at competitive prices all delivered right to your door!

My Ride. Bikes For Life

Bikes for Life.


BIKE SELECTION: A full range of brands and models are available to meet the needs of every cyclist, whether you want to cycle on the road, off road, or cruise around for fun and fitness.

EQUIPMENT: We carry an extensive range of equipment to make your cycling experience more enjoyable, more comfortable and hassle free.

SERVICE: With our Australasian network of stores, our knowledgeable, friendly staff, can offer you service and advice. Whether it be setting up or repairs to your bike, or where to go for the best cycling terrain, we can help.

WOMEN SPECIFIC: We have a huge range of bikes and apparel designed specifically for the female form because every rider deserves a bike and full kit that delivers high quality and comfort. Her Ride.

SERVICE WORKSHOP: Our workshop staff are all certified bike mechanics, so come in and get your bike serviced by trained professionals. It will save you time and money.